Hi, welcome to my blog.

I like to write once in a while on topics that matter to me.  I plan to add more material on here soon, in the meantime here are a few things about me:

I am in the process of educating myself and I hope to never cease to be a student.  This is not an attempt at snootiness; I just have an awful lot to learn.

I want to talk about what’s wrong with society, not for the sake of complaining, but because we can’t figure out solutions until we know where the problems lie.  And sometimes I just want to vent my thoughts unedited for selfish unburdening.

Some of the things that interest me are politics/ anti-politics, culture, leadership, self development, well-being, physics, psychology, Islam, spirituality/ consciousness, Ruqya (a healing practice) and holistic medicine.

I am a trained hijama (wet cupping) practitioner – hijama is a medical practice that has been around for well over 3000 years (see this post for more info.)

I like change.

I can’t decide if I’m an introvert or an ambivert.  My version of thinking out loud is writing things down.

My thoughts are pretty much a jungle – messy, tangled, overgrown, vying with each other for my attention.  I hope to be able to order some of them here.




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